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19th of November 2017

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New Books for Sale:
"Establishing a City - the Disposal of Crown Lands"
Written by the late Dr. Ralph W. Birrell - a former patron of Bendigo Historical Society Inc. - The BHS Inc. has only very recently published the above title which relates to the sale of public land in the 19th Century when the City of Bendigo was being established. Jewish Worship in Bendigo (Sandhurst) - An overview of of Religious Observation, 1853-2017
Available for sale
at $20.00.
Specimen Cottage on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10.00am - 4.00pm.
Ph. 54413443.
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Jewish Worship in Bendigo (Sandhurst) - An overview of of Religious Observation, 1853-2017 - $10
Recently written by one of our members Terry Davidson, has also been very recently published by the Society. 
For sale at $10.00 
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The first two publications below are available 'over-the-counter' from the Visitor Information Centre in Pall Mall, Bendigo .

Self Guided Tours of Historic Bendigo
A convenient 64 page booklet complete with photographs and maps, covering three walking tours of Central Bendigo and two tours that can be done by car or bike.
Price $10.00 plus $2.00 p&h
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Historic Guide to Bendigo 2009 Edition
Jim Evans (Ed.) 2009. A5 approx pp, viii, 60; col. cover, b/w illusts., 2 col.
further reading, time line, index.
An overview of Bendigo 's history
Price $17.50 from Visitor Information Centre.
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A Soldier to the Last Major-General George James Rankin of the Australian Light Horse 1887-1957.
Malcolm Saunders 2002. A5, pp vi, 34; b/w illusts., notes, index.
Price $10 plus $2 p&h.
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What a Good Idea! Bendigo’s Innovations – An Exhibition.
Helen Mainka (Ed.) 2002, A5, pp 80; b/w illusts., refs. and further reading.
Prepared to accompany an exhibition presented in July 2002,
Price: $5 plus $2 p&h.
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Bendigo Historical Society Newsletter Index 1971-1999.
Helen Mainka (Ed.) 2000, A4, pp iii, 30
An index to items of historical interest appearing in the Society’s newsletter, ‘Marunari’. Copies of newsletters referred to in the index are available at $2 per newsletter plus $1 p&h.
Price: $15 plus $3.50 p&h.
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Marunari is the monthly newsletter of the Bendigo Historical Society Inc.
It contains information and news of interest to members as well as a summary of
the previous month’s talk or presentation. It is sent to members as part of their yearly subscription to the Society.
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Share Speculators
Share Speculators
Share speculators crowding the entrance to the Beehive Mining Exchange. Twelve months of feverish buying of script in 1870-71 sometimes saw six mining companies floated in just one day.

– a lending record.
Booklets of 10 bookmarks featuring photographs from the Society’s collection or a time line of Mayors of Bendigo or a ‘Lifetime Permit to Breathe’.
Price: $5 plus $1 p&h
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'The History of Hotel Shamrock' by Frank Cusack
$20 at Visitor Information Centre, Hotel Shamrock and Bendigo Historical Society Inc.
Price: $20
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'Victoria Hill' by Phil Wilkin.
Ph: 5442 1005 for details
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'A Photographic Record of the Pioneers of Bendigo ' by Rita Hull.
Ph: 5442 1005 for details
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'Melbourne to Bendigo Railway 1862-2012' - Celebrating 150 years of Rail to Bendigo
Available from The Visitor Information Centre Pall Mall - Phone 5434 6060 and Bendigo Historical Society - 5442 1005
Cost $15 plus postage
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